Using the ideas and prompts provided, create projects that explore and record your life right now. No judgment, just accepting what it is and where you hope it might go. Held on line over three weekends: the first two a mixture of explanation and encouragement, the final gives time to explore more deeply and share with others if wanted. Explore your creativity in a guided, but individual way. You’ll need a computer, printer, camera (ideally digital) and crafting materials. A list will be supplied of items to find or to purchase.

This course involves a time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per week.

This self-paced course introduces a process of writing for authentic, creative self-expression and personal development. A “no red pens” approach results in greater awareness, mindfulness and self-acceptance through a gentle stream of guided tools you can use just five minutes at a time.

The course includes six multimedia Sessions and a workbook, based on the work of Joanne Klassen, creator of Life Writing for Transformation™. Each session introduces key concepts from the book followed by exercises, examples, a review and additional optional learning activities.