The climate crisis hasn’t gone away. The pandemic will be with us for some time. What have we learned about ourselves and the way we live and worship during this time of rapid change? How can we use this learning to respond to the climate crisis in our lives and in our meetings? This course will enable participants to consider their response to the climate crisis from a variety of angles – spiritual, practical, creative and intellectual. We will hear from Quakers who have responded in different ways and use these as a starting point to explore our own thinking about how we as individuals and communities can live positively in the climate crisis. We also hope to build a network of support for each other going forward.

The course includes a series of webinars in which participants will experience or hear about a creative way of responding to and/or reflecting on the climate crisis. These are intended to draw out learning from our current situation and to challenge us to think differently about how we live as Quakers in the climate crisis.