Spiritual nurture of the Meeting

From the EMES website:

EMES Small Grants Fund (SGF)

FWCC-EMES and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) have reached agreement on terms for a new Small Grants Fund (SGF) to be administered by FWCC EMES. to further the development of Quaker worship and community in our Section. This initiative complements our Ministry and Outreach Programme, already funded by JRCT, and will run for three years initially, from mid-2015, to test the need and scope for such support.

A total of £30,000 per year will be available, with grants from £1,000 to £15,000 over three years being considered.

Objectives of the SGF

  • Strengthening Quakers’ shared identity: We would like to support projects that will promote Friends’ understanding of Quakers’ shared history, theology and spirituality, to strengthen Quaker faith and practice.
  • Strengthening Quaker connections: helping Friends to meet and network in order to learn with and from one another and to enable outreach to attract new members and for Friends to become more visible.
  • Bringing Quaker values to the wider community: encouraging Friends to take forward innovative and practical work that brings Quaker values and beliefs to the world around them.

Selection criteria

The SGF will consider applications from Quaker Meetings (Yearly, Monthly, Area, Local) and other Quaker organisations from across Europe, excluding from and within Britain Yearly Meeting (England, Scotland, Wales).

Drawing from JRCT’s experience, Quaker projects are successful if they are the result of a collective effort in terms of carefully and prayerfully exploring and formulating the idea and the plan of action and carrying out the implementation accordingly. Applications will therefore be restricted to groups and organisations, meaning that individuals cannot apply.

Within EMES we want to encourage a wide variety of applications of a broad and diverse scope. However, grant applications will not be considered, if the funds would be used for:

  • the core administration and management of established Quaker Meetings and Organisations (although we would make exceptions in cases where small infrastructure costs may meet our aims and objectives);
  • maintaining or resurrecting work, where a decision has been previously been made by another Quaker body to actively lay it down by discontinuing funding;
  • covering an individual’s personal income while they research or write a book, film or play
  • activities requiring less than £ 1,000 or more than £ 5,000 per year or more than £ 15,000 over three years.

Requests for funding will have to follow the format as outlined in the Application Information.

Each application will be considered carefully, looking at the fit with the purpose of the fund, as detailed above, specifically at:

  • the way in which a Concern has been developed and tested
  • the prospective benefit of the project to Friends and to wider society
  • the strength of the approach put forward in the application
  • the available skills, experience and ability to undertake the project
  • the relationship between the proposed project and other work within the Society of Friends
  • other funds that might be available to the applicant

Submission dates

Normally, there will be two submission dates for applications each year, which are planned to be the end of December and end of June each year. Exceptionally, applications of an urgent or very important nature may be considered in between.

Our Secretary and our Ministry and Outreach Co-ordinator will offer encouragement and support, and, where appropriate, recommend the funding of translation work to enable an application to be expressed as well as is possible.