Unity, Diversity and Identity

2. Friends worldwide

The members of the Thread Group entitled Rebuilding Friends at the World Conference of Friends in Kenya 2012, made up of Friends from the different Sections within FWCC, tried to get above the differences and agree on what it was that we had in common as Friends. This is the list that we - together - came up with. We described it as 'the mortar that binds us together':

that there is that of God in everyone

the priesthood of believers

simplicity of lifestyle

sanctity of life (refusal to kill)

equality before God

equal respect for all

gender equality

honesty in business and speaking

the courage to speak truth to power

no taking of oaths or double standards

a nonviolent approach to conflict ad peacemaking

tolerance and respect for the rights and freedom of others

relief of the suffering of others

openness to new truth

the belief that every day is a holy day

our roots - George Fox and the Inner Light

our concept of service

our sense of community

our corporateness of worship

the movement of the spirit in worship

our Quaker testimonies

Quaker values

Compassionate Love