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Will loading the webinar mean I appear on camera?

Not necessarily, you have the option to leave your webcam turned off. 

Do I need an Adobe Connect account to view the webinar?

No, you can watch the webinar without creating an account. You will just need to follow the link your course leader sends you. 

What if I have never used Adobe Connect before?

It is advised that you test your connection in good time before the meeting starts: https://woodbrooke.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

The first time you try to enter an Adobe Connect meeting you will be asked to download a small piece of software. It is perfectly safe for you to do so.

What is the procedure for entering a Woodbrooke webinar?

Your course leader will let you know of the day and time of each webinar well in advance of each event. Close to the start of each webinar they send you a link so that you can enter the virtual meeting room.

If you try to enter the meeting room too early you may be placed ‘on hold’ until the host opens the meeting. They usually do this a few minutes before the official start time.

You should enter the room as 'Guest'. You may be asked to give your name. It is safe for you to do so and will help other participants get to know you.

Since this is an ongoing experiment to explore how Woodbrooke can make the best use of online learning, we would welcome your thoughts and comments after the meeting has finished. You can do this by using the chat box in the meeting room, or by emailing your course leader. Please be patient if we experience any technical difficulties.

If you are connecting from within Woodbrooke it would be advisable to do so from the guest network.

Last modified: Tuesday, 15 August 2017, 9:56 AM