In his book ‘A Splash of Words: Believing in Poetry’, Mark Oakley says ‘like throwing a pebble into water, a poem causes a splash of words whose ripples can transform the way we see the world, ourselves and God’. In this course we will look at poems from across traditions, cultures and centuries and consider what they can tell us about how to live, how to pray and how to understand our world.

People turn to poetry at times of great joy and great sadness, at weddings and at funerals. Poetry has a lot to offer us in this time of uncertainty and change.This is a course for people who love poetry and for people who are afraid of poetry. Like ministry, poetry can say different things to different people and some of it may not speak to us immediately. Hearing the insights of others can open up a poem for us.

Two sessions will be led by Philip Gross - Quaker, poet, librettist and novelist for young people. Philip will be using his own poems to explore the themes of silence and questioning.

Participants will be invited to have open conversations and engage in creative activities to deepen their responses to the poems. We will also consider how the poems speak to and help us deepen our spiritual practice.

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This course is the equivalent of one week of the full course plus some introductory material and will be available to you for at least six weeks after registration.

You can also now register for the next full six week version of the course which starts in September.