How to find your way around Moodle and your course

How to access your course area on Woodbrooke’s Moodle site

  • Go to the Woodbrooke Moodle site at 
  • Log in in the box at the top right of the home screen (or just under the page title)
  • If you are already registered with Woodbrooke’s Moodle site, just use your existing user name and password
  • If we have registered you on Moodle, please use the username and password that you have been given by your tutor or course administrator
  • Once you have logged in, just click My Menu in the top right of the screen. All courses you’re enrolled on will be displayed in your My Menu area.  Click the title of the course you wish to access.

Another way to find a course is to click the Course Categories button on the Woodbrooke Moodle home page. On the next screen click on the course category for your course, then select the name of your course.

eg. Course Category: * Treasurers and Trustees*

      Course name: *Quaker Treasurers’ abc*

You could save the Woodbrooke Moodle site, or your course area on Moodle, in the ‘favourites’ list or ‘favourites’ bar of your internet browser, to make it easy to find in future.


Finding your way around a Moodle course

  • Each course is laid out with the course welcome information and contents list at the top of the course page
  • The section headings in the contents list link to the different areas of the course. Just click the link for any section and you will be able to access the resources in it (unless your tutor has restricted access to it until a certain point in the course)
  • The ‘Course Tools’ section will give you access to the list of participants in your course
  • You can always access information about your other courses, settings, your own profile etc by clicking on My menu in the top right of the screen
  • If you wish to return to this course welcome area at any point when you are exploring the different parts of the course, click on the name of the course eg. EfM 2016 in the arrowed list in the top left of the screen on any course page (click on Home to go back to the Woodbrooke Moodle home page)

Last modified: Monday, 21 December 2015, 1:19 PM