A return of the popular six-week course exploring the theory and practice of peace education with the team from Quakers in Britain. Peace education develops the skills, understanding, culture and systems we all need to be peace builders. It is multi-layered, from the personal to the global. It’s not only about alternatives violence, but how we transform injustice. Whether you work with children or adults, with formal or informal education, the course offers a wealth of ideas, skills and practical approaches. Delivered through a combination of interactive webinars, video tutorials and online activities, this course will leave you inspired about learning for peace!

There are so many burning issues we need to address and the pressure to act immediately can be overwhelming. What would happen if we took the time to really listen to those who are most affected by injustice and poverty, to those we disagree with, to each other, to ourselves? This course will look at what happens when we really listen and how it will change what we do and how we do it, enabling us to work for change with respect and in solidarity. We will learn from the example of others and actively practice different ways of listening that can help us go deeper and further.
Participants will hear from inspiring people and learn experientially through structured activities.

Quakers have been known for their work for peace, their relief work after natural disasters and wars, and their commitment to working to end injustice for a long time. It can be hard for us to acknowledge that the way we have done and are doing peace and service work may be perpetuating the legacy of colonialism and structural racism. We are not uniquely immune from our colonial history or the racism that is embedded in national and global institutions. This course will help us to understand how our Quaker peace and service work is affected and, most importantly, how we can challenge and change this as we continue to work for peace and justice in the world.