When difficult decisions need to be made, we sometimes need to stop and explore multiple perspectives, gather information, and acknowledge personal and emotional connections as well as community and spiritual aspects to the discernment process. In this course, we will explore Quaker approaches to these situations. Threshing meetings aim to help communities sort the wheat from the chaff, the significant from the incidental, and our research has shown that carefully constructed threshing can help with decision-making in a range of situations. Clearness meetings are a related method usually used for individuals or couples to explore questions such as whether to undertake new work or get married, and can be a valuable part of a personal discernment process. Whether or not you have previous experience with these approaches, and whether you want to use them with Quaker or other communities, this course will help you understand and apply them.

This online course is for new or prospective clerks with little or no experience of Quaker clerking. The five modules cover the clerk’s role before, during and after a Meeting for Worship for Business. We also consider why we use our particular way of making decisions in our meetings, including meeting online. We will focus on clerking local meetings, but clerks of other meetings, including area meetings, will also find they can learn much about their role.

Are you a Quaker chaplain in a hospital, prison, school or university or in any other work or community setting? Or considering starting chaplaincy? This online course will be an opportunity for sharing, supporting and developing your ministry. We will explore the connections between different settings. Over the six weeks of this course, we will encourage you to take a couple of hours a week to reflect on your work, share your experiences, ideas and insights, and come away refreshed.