A recent development in New Testament studies has been the involvement of Jewish scholars.  They bring new insights and overturn longstanding Christian assumptions about Jesus’ life and Paul’s ministry.  We will focus on the work of four such scholars: Geza Vermes, Amy-Jill Levine, Paula Fredriksen and Adele Reinhartz.  Participants will be given an article to read for each session, along with suggestions of online videos to watch.  They will be asked to share some preliminary thoughts through an online discussion forum, before meeting for a fortnightly Zoom seminar.

John Barton’s wide-ranging book ‘A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths’ was published in 2019.  It covers not only the formation of the biblical books, but also their reception as scripture in both Jewish and Christian communities.  It attracted five-star reviews, commended for its phenomenal learning and quiet wisdom. It was later abbreviated and serialised for Radio 4. Participants are expected to buy a copy and read (or listen to) it! We will work through the book in six sessions. Following opportunities to share thoughts and reactions online, there will be a fortnightly live Zoom session.

John Barton himself will make a guest appearance at the Zoom session on July 8th.